Wag mo akong pilitin Clara!
—Mara Davis
Mara Davis
Mara Original 2
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Relations Susan Davis (Mother)
Gary Davis (Father)
Kardo Davis (Uncle)
Amanthe del Valle (Biological Father)
Almira del Valle (Biological Mother
Show Information
Portrayed by Judy Ann Santos
Kathryn Bernardo (as Mara David)

Mara Davis (born as Mara Del Valle) is one of the main protagonist of the soap opera Mara Clara.


Mara doesn't have bangs on her hair. Her hair was long. She is  for wearing duster like her mother and a jumper (in some episodes).  She is known to have an angelic face.


Mara is described as a loving and hardworking daughter with a drive to better herself for the sake of her mother. Her greatest weakness is her family. She is intelligent, strong and of good moral character. She tries not to call attention to herself but when needed, finds the courage to stand up for what is right. Loves greatly - sometimes to a fault. Because of her great capacity to love she always forgives her father's abuse.


During her childhood, she lives with her mother. Her father was in Jail because of Drug use and murder.


Del Valle MansionEdit

Mara and her mother was hired to be a maid in the Del Valle Mansion. There, Mara is always getting maltreated by Clara because of jelousy along with Jepoy and the other maids of the mansion. Amanthe is always concerned on Mara. Once in a birthday party, Mara was humiliated by Clara.

Davis ResidenceEdit

Mara is always getting maltreated by her father Gary because, Mara reminds him of Amanthe, the man who steals Almira's heart. In one episode, Mara almost died in Gary's abuse.

Relationship with Christian and DerickEdit

While Mara is in highschool, he met a man named Christian. Christian fell inlove with Mara. Another person who loved Mara is Derick.


While the diary is found, it was revealed that Mara is the daughter of Amanthe and Almira. Mara stayed in the Del Valle mansion. Meanwhile, Clara stayed in Mara's home and deals with her real father Gary.



Mara's relationship with Christian is popular in the series. Mara first meet Christian in their school. In the film version, Mara and Christian meet in the cashier area of a college school.  In some episodes, they seperated each other because of Clara. She fell inlove with Christian.


Derick is Mara's second love interest. Derick fell inlove with Mara. He and Christian compete together for Mara. Derick and Christian always fighting because of Mara.

Eris (Movie Version Only)Edit

Eris is a butler in del Valle's mansion. His relationship with Mara can be appear sometimes. Eris has a little bit feelings on Mara but later on, he moved on to Clara.


  • "Wag mo akong pilitin Clara" (to Clara).
  • "Oo mahirap nga kami! Mabaho nga tinitira namin pero nagmamahalan kami!" (to Clara).
  • "Hindi ako magnanakaw!" (to Clara).