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  • Mara Clara is not based on a novel by Emil Cruz Jr.  Emil Cruz Jr. wrote the story but not a novel, it is a script. There is no Mara Clara novel. Try to search google.
  • Mara Clara is inspired during the times of pre-historical world war one.
  • The end of the film version shows spoilers for the ending of the tv series.
  • The diary and the necklace used in the series is the key to reveal the past.
  • The year in the diary is 1978.
  • Mara Clara is known for baby switch.
  • The titlecard includes two picture frames. At the left is Mara's photo. In the photo, she is crying. At the right is Clara's photo. In the photo, she is looking at the right. Staring at mara angrily.
  • The Del Valle mansion in the movie version is different from the tv series.
  • Therese Amper is the one who sang the theme song in the original version. In the 2010 version, the song was sung by Carol Banawa.
  • The original version of the theme song uses only a grand piano. In the 2010 version, the song is orchastrated.
  • Dan Fernandez's campaign slogans is  “Dan Fernandez: Tagapagtanggol ni Mara.” refers to his role as Kardo.